10 amazing ways of becoming a great dad

10 amazing ways of becoming a great dad

These tips will surely assist you in being a wonderful father. You can turn out to be a good father as well as manage the responsibilities and challenges you face. You may have concerns before having a baby, but they can be dealt with. There are 10 amazing ways of becoming a great dad:

  1. Keep your tensions aside

Don’t take it as a burdensome challenge to be a good father to your children. You can be a great father right from the time your wife conceived. Build a passion for your child and fatherhood right from the beginning. Firstly, your baby requires a secure family. Empathize with your better self which would sensitize you to your family’s needs. Holding the baby correctly, burping him the right way, changing his diaper, feeding him his food the right way may not be your cup of tea, but you will know how to, eventually. keeping your tension aside will help you to become a great dad.

  1. Catch up with your own life

Being a parent for the first time may not let you leave your baby to himself. Parents should return to their normal routine as much as possible after having a baby. You can go out for meals with your child, take him on a picnic, or for visits to places.

  1. Leisure time for the mother

Let the mother get sufficient leisure time to de-stress from all the hard work she has to put in. She can go to a park, do mild exercises as recommended by the doctor, read a book, get a pedicure\manicure done or go out with friends. Help out in any way you can while your wife’s taking out some time for herself.

    1. Helping out at night

Babies often cry at night for milk. The responsibility of your baby does not rest on the mother’s shoulders alone. This responsibility ought to be shared by both parents.

  1. Express your love for your child

Your child understands and responds to the language of love. You can show your affection by talking to your child in a loving tone while smiling and by playing with him, embracing him and by giving him a kiss. Your child cannot see the love you have for him unless it is expressed by you.

  1. Follow your own parents’ example

You can keep the way you were brought up by your parents as a model for bringing up your own child. The way you were nurtured by your parents, can serve as a great example for you to inculcate in your own style of parenting.

  1. Avoid all verbal and physical aggression

Give respect to the mother and child, abusing and physical aggression is unacceptable. Do not show signs of disregard or disrespect for your child. Don’t discourage him from exploring new things. Let your child remember you for the goodness in you, not for the outbursts of anger. Encourage him by appreciating him.

  1. Follow the advice from credible sources:

There are multiple sources from which all sorts of advice comes in, some of which are untrue. Listen to your conscience. You can discuss effective parenting with your child’s doctor, experienced parents, books on parenting, etc.

  1. Make the most of it

Time waits for none, so, make the most of your children’s growing years. Kids grow every minute, they would have attained their full height and development very soon. So, spend plenty of time with your children. Take them out on excursions, go for trekking, play games together, teach them stuff your father taught you when you were young. Go for picnics, rafting or maybe just for a drive.

  1. Give them your time

Children love to flock around their fathers. They love being in your company. Every lesson, every expression of your love for them, your hidden love behind scolding them, every time you have wiped their tears and tried to uplift their mood, every little thing you have done for them, it all matters to them.

Keep in mind that your child observes you carefully. You are in a place where your child looks up to you and may follow your footsteps soon. These are the 10 amazing ways of becoming a great dad that will help you for being a great dad.

The article 10 amazing ways of becoming a great dad surely help fathers to be a  great dad.



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