4 compelling reasons why every father must spend time with their kids


“kids don’t need things; kids need parents who spend time with them”

Have you noticed how your child’s face lights up when you tell them you would like to play with them?  The time you spend with your child is precious. You are making your child feel loved, special and that they are important to you.

Fathers nowadays take their role a lot more seriously than the previous generation did. So many men recollect how they don’t remember their fathers ever hugging them or displaying love. It was just understood that they were loved but affections were not showered liberally.

This probably gave birth to some deep rooted problems of mistrust and low self-esteem in many kids as they were confused and doubted their self-worth.

Research supports the finding that a loving and nurturing father has a positive impact on the child, family and community at large. Here are some of the reasons that should encourage fathers to be more proactive and involved with their children.

  • HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM IN CHILDREN: It has been observed that children with an involved dad develops a healthy self-esteem and generally is a lot more confident than the ones with a not so involved dad. Children from an involved dad do better in school and are significantly more responsible and refrain from drug abuse and bad company.


  • IMPROVED BEHAVIOUR AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT: A dad plays many roles in his child’s life. He is a motivator, mentor, teacher, support, pillar of strength and has the ability to guide the child towards the right direction. Children with supportive dads are less likely to indulge in compulsive behaviors and take hi-risks and also less likely to indulge in sex at a young age.


  • KIDS BECOME RESPONSIBLE ADULTS: if children share close proximity with their parents and especially the father, they tend to be more responsible. A study conducted by Georgetown university claims that such fathers instill so much trust in their offspring that they resort to their fathers for answers and not society, internet or their peers. Getting answers from peers is a red flag in itself as chances of inappropriate information is more likely. It is better for a child to have an approachable dad whom they could ask questions.


  • POSITIVE INFLUENCE IN A CHILD’S SOCIOEMOTIONAL OUTCOME: A variety of studies conducted have considered both dichotomized dad presence/ absence scenario and confirms the impact it has on a child in an array of cases and situations how a father’s presence positively impacts of the growth of a child. He is better capable of developing strong social skills and has considerable emotional strengths.



Fatherhood is not a job to be conducted. “breadwinning” is not the only agenda of a father. Maybe you cannot undo or change your own childhood but surely it’s in your hands to make it right for your children. Fortunately, this new generation of fathers are turning the tables. No longer are we just focusing on the mothers but involved fathers get their due and respect in society. We do not need to constantly protect them from being hurt or rejected by the peers but we can definitely give them a safety net and a secure environment where they are loved and understood. Closer relationship we share with our children will provide us with the ability to provide them self-respect and self-acceptance.


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