6 reasons why your child needs to play an outdoor sport?


In this technology driven age, sedentary lifestyle seems to have become a norm. it’s not just children but even adults have conformed to this new age living.

I remember my mother would have to drag us back indoors every single evening as all we wanted to do was play. Now there are so many distractions and options that were not available in those days. Given the circumstances, the children are more misled than anything. They have a wide range of gadgets at their disposal at any given time. If their own parents are glued to Instagram how do you expect for the child to pick up a book to read or go play outside?

Everywhere we go, this is the most discussed topic. How cell phones have overtaken our lives, we are enslaved by it and how children today are not interested in playing outside.

But aren’t these the consequences of our own doings? We were the first generation who started using the internet or held a mobile phone for the first time in our hands. It is our responsibility to guide and lead by example.

Set time limits for yourself. When with children, be with them and not glued to your phone.

Restrict overuse of gadgets in front of children.

Have a gadget free zone, during family time make sure you spend at least 1 productive hour with no gadget.

Play indoor and outdoor sport with your children. Kids get thrilled when their parents bike, run, play ball with them.

The advantages of free outside play are plenty. The disadvantages according to me our none. Only where child safety is in question it is understandable.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why outdoor sport should be mandatory for every child.

Sunshine- Vitamin D

The most important source of vitamin D is sunshine. The easiest way to get it is by being outdoors. Make it a point to clock in some time when sunshine is most effective and not harmful.

Connect with Nature

It has been scientifically proven that nature has the most calming effect on us. just being in nature itself is therapeutic. Kids also learn about their environment and learn to value it. climbing trees, jumping in streams, hiking up a hill, discovering new plants, rolling on the grass will teach them things no classroom ever will. Encourage it, let them fall, learn and unlearn, grow and evolve.


Learn to make friends

Socializing is one aspect of growth in a child. If a child is playing with a group of kids, they learn teamwork, they understand to respect others opinions, wishes and even through arguments they develop skills that enable them to deal with all kinds of people.


Important for their bones and strength building

As children are growing, they need to provide nutrition and build strength in their bodies. Outdoor sports help in the overall conditioning of their mind and body. It helps in flexibility and enables their bones to get strong.


No drugs and other substance abuse

A child who is passionate about any sport will be a disciplined person. They have to nurture their bodies well and get enough sleep. This does not even give them time or the inclination to try drugs.

Keeps depression at bays

Anyone who indulges in outdoor activities is more inclined to be happy.

Research shows that outdoor activities helps alleviate mood and enhance quality of life. Depression seems to be creeping up on even little kids today. Encouraging your child to take up a sport could help in multitude ways.

Lastly, being aware of the damages and consequences children who are glued to gadgets most of the time should be established and explained to them.

Helping the child by encouraging outdoor sport will not only keep the child busy, abstain from drugs and  depression but also shape a disciplined and overall confident person.





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