8 sure shot ways to discipline your toddler

8 sure shot ways to discipline your toddler

Your son wants to throw things around the room and express his anger on fragile objects in your house. Your little girl insists on wearing the same dirty dress for the fourth time. You have just witnessed a temper tantrum by your little one. All parents face these tantrums. They know they can get their way, and that whatever they do, matters. This is how you can be patient in such a situation. There are 8 sure shot ways to discipline your toddler:

Stick to a routine

Maintaining fixed timings for naps, meals, and sleep will help you to handle your child better. Systematization and uniformity remove stressors and promote good behavior.

Don’t give a chance for tantrums

If it’s meal-time, keep food ready before your child can give a temper tantrum.

See from your toddler’s perspective

Toddlers have difficulty in understanding the things we feel they understand. Looking at something as your child sees it can save you from facing a tantrum in the first place. Letting them choose what they want will bring a sense of independence. Permit them to take their favorite things along while traveling.

Don’t give frequent punishments

Don’t punish till but find a better way to make your point. You can distract him by engaging him in activities that fascinate him. Your toddler needs an environment that stimulates good behavior appropriate for his age.

Excuse your child

Many times a child may make mischief deliberately, waiting for you to react. Excuse him for the wrongs and appreciate him for the good he does. Try to arrange for a little place in your house where he can unwind and have fun.

Maintain your cool

Try your best to stay calm, even when you really need to express your anger. Don’t encourage the annoying behavior of your children by laughing about it. They may look cute while throwing a tantrum but, I’m sure you don’t want to deal with any trouble in the future. Try to give punishments that do not include any use of physical or verbal aggression. You may give them a countdown, time-out, or deprive them of their favorite ice-cream or the video game as often as they throw a tantrum.


Make room for your toddler’s desires when it’s reasonable and of no possible harm to your toddler. Follow the authoritarian approach and not an authoritative, permissive or uninvolved parenting style. In this approach, certain rules are listed out and repercussions are explained. A child’s feelings are also taken into account.

Practice what you preach

You’ll have to teach your little one by example. He would try to imitate you whether good or bad. Tell him to do the things that you practice yourself.

Toddlers are in the phase where they want to explore their surroundings. Gadgets should be kept away from children to prevent any damages. Keep your child from small things which can be put into the mouth, nose or ears.

Additional things to keep in mind-

  • Ensure that your child doesn’t throw a tantrum just for attention. Reinforce desired behavior by appreciating your child.
  • Let your child take minor decisions by asking him what he would like to wear, play, etc.
  • Give your toddler something to play with, which challenges his/her intellect, thereby encouraging growth.
  • If your toddler asks something of you, try to listen carefully and clarify if you need to.

These 8 sure shot ways to discipline your toddler will help you to control your child.



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