Are you a father or a Dad?


Are you a father or a Dad?

Being a Father or a Dad, seems to be one and the same thing but do you know that there’s a difference deeper than we thought? Although a father may be just any man who’s able to help bring a child into this world, a Dad is one who is putting his time, efforts and emotions into his relationship with his son or daughter. It may not be an easy task, but to a real Dad it’s a pleasure which was worth the effort! To a Dad, catering for the needs of his family is a responsibility which he gladly takes up out of love. It’s about giving his own family the additional treats and privileges apart from just the bare necessities.



Dads think of their family’s requirements and give them priority. They keep their family’s needs above their own and seek to satisfy their needs at the earliest. One may hardly see a real Dad acting selfishly. Tired or not he knows his kid needs that important stationary item for school urgently and so ensures that his child has what s/he needs before he calls it a day.



You would hardly find a dad who is indifferent about his child’s feelings. He makes sure that he finds out what’s bothering his child and does his best to make him feel better. He tries to understand his child’s perspective even if he can’t find any logic behind the thing that’s bothering him or her.



They are fiercely protective of their children and wife. If you confide in them, they don’t criticize you instead although, they would rather listen to both sides of the story and give you ‘real’ advice. He stands up for his child and makes it clear to whosoever makes him/her uncomfortable; even a friend or relative, that his bothersome behavior will not be accepted any further.


They’re not afraid to come down to their kid’s level

Most Dads don’t hesitate to get involved in the childish games his children play or act funny just to make them laugh. They don’t mind taking out baby sounds to their newborn or playing with their daughter’s dolls just to spend time with them.


They try not to hurt their children’s feelings

Dads try their best not to offend their children even if they are over worked. They deeply regret it if they take out their anger on their children. Even if their opinions differ from their children, they don’t belittle their children’s viewpoint.


These are just a few differences between a Dad and a father, a Dad is one who goes beyond the boundaries of providing daily needs. He’s always there whenever you need him no matter when or where.



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