Clove oil- Best remedy for baby teething


Dads love spending time with them. However it’s a pain watching them going through that painful phase of teething. It is disheartening to watch them cry, drooling and sick due to teething pain, they become so desperate to chew everything, often you try offering them few foods to make them feel better while teething, still that they do not even spare our fingers.


That is the time when you scout for that remedy can relieve them from pain.Clove oil is the end to your search. It is a boon for the cry teething baby lets tell you how.

Advantages of Clove oil for the teething baby

1. Has numbing properties:

Clove oil has a cool numbing effect that can relieve the pain of crying baby. You just need to dilute the oil before you apply on the baby’s gum.

2. Relieves Swollen gums

Clove oil’s germicidal properties, heals the baby’s swollen gums. It is quite common that the baby’s get gum sore during their teething stage.


4. Heals the baby at the time of headache

Clove oil has a cooling effect, thus it helps the baby at times when it experiences headache while teething. Dads may put a few drops of oil on towel, and place it on the baby’s head for a while.

5. Reduces the symptoms of sore throat

Clove oil always reduces the pain and symptoms due to sore throat to the baby while teething. Dilute the oil and apply few drops of it on the gums and around baby’s mouth and throat.


6. Fights Bad breath

While your child is undergoing his teething stage make, sure you clean his tongue on regular base, with few diluted drops of clove oil to avoid bad breath. This may happen because of milk and other food deposit, which gets collected over the tongue leading to bad breath.




7. Reduces the chances of dental cavity

Your kid does not know how to brush; rather they are so restless, that it becomes impossible for you too to do it for them. This may make them prone to dental cavities, using the clove oil in his clean routine shall mitigate the chances of future tooth cavity.

8. Clove oil helps to calm down a crying baby

Clove oil has a soothing effect, which helps your little kid to fight that tough painful time it faces while teething.You may know more about tips to sooth your crying baby in our article.


9. Helps to maintain baby’s oral hygiene

Clove oil’s cleansing properties, proves to be sometimes even better than toothpaste, it is necessary add to your baby’s tooth care routine.

Correct method to use clove oil

There is variety of toothpaste available in the market, which contain clove content in them, so in case you do not get clove oil you may apply a thin layer of toothpaste on your baby’s gums. In case you use clove oil, then keep care you use the oil in the diluted form. You may add few mild essential oils, with clove oil while using it for the baby.

Precaution while using clove oil


  1. Clove oil has anesthetic properties in it, which on the one hand relieves the pain from pain, still you need to take special care that you apply the oil on the baby’s gums only in the diluted form as in extreme it can upset the baby’s stomach, it can also cause blisters and blood in the baby’s gums.
  2. Clove oil, is strictly prohibited for the child lesser than 2 years, because of its strong properties.

Other remedies, for teething beyond clove oil

As mentioned earlier, clove oil cannot be used for children lesser than 2 years. So if your child is lesser than two are, than you may opt for:

  1. Chilled banana slice given to the kid.
  2. Apply ice on the baby’s gums can help.
  3. Freeze a towel and make your baby chew it, it will relieve him out of pain
  4. Let your child chew veggie fingers



Clove oil can be a boon for your baby. Powerful enough to take away pain and pang out of your baby’s teething journey. Still we suggest you to seek your doctors’ consultation before using clove oil for your junior.



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