Foods your wife wishes to get her hands on during pregnancy

Foods your wife wishes during pregnancy

Pregnancy food cravings start around the first three to eight weeks. Cravings may be a result of certain nutrients that are wanted by the body. During pregnancy, a woman may crave a variety of flavors ranging from sweet to spicy or sour to sweet.  There are a number of foods your wife wishes during pregnancy :

Street food

This includes a range of foods that are spicy or even sweet. Typically in India, the usual street food includes aloo tikki, chaat, the burgers, hot dogs, panipuri, chaat, Dahi Bhalla, samosa, etc.


Craving for sweets like jalebis, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, and the like may be driving your wife crazy during her pregnancy.


Some crave cold things like ice and ice-creams during pregnancy. But too much of it means an extra intake of sugar which may not be good for health.


Pregnant or not every woman loves to eat chocolates so its but natural that craving for chocolates may increase.


A craving for bakery such as cakes, muffins, jellybeans, brownies, cookies, etc. is not uncommon during pregnancy. It’s okay to eat these but in moderation, considering the fact that these are not the healthiest food choices and are also high in calories.

Spicy food

The craving for spicy food is not because of the gender of the fetus as superstition suggests. Although craving for spicy food may be more than usual during a woman’s pregnancy.


Some women may even crave meat even more than they used to before pregnancy. Lean meats are usually advisable during pregnancy considering the amount of bad cholesterol.

Sour flavors –

This may include Pickles, sour mangoes, street food, etc.

Fast food

Such as burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, Chinese food and the like are hot favorites during pregnancy


Some may crave dirt or even chalk, weird isn’t it? However, who can argue? During pregnancy, a woman may even have weird cravings because of the surging hormones.

These are some foods that, foods your wife wishes during pregnancy.


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