Chandigarh-Get ready for change in school system


In a joint agreement by the CBSE and UT education department, there are going to be significant changes in the school curriculum, teaching methodology, and the testing style presently used by our education system. The measure has been taken to ensure a good performance by our country in 2021, in the Programme for International Students Assessment (Pisa), a triennial international survey which evaluates education systems worldwide by testing the knowledge skills and of 15-year-olds, near to the completion of compulsory education.

The incorporation of the Pisa syllabus would lead to the regular time table being rescheduled. CBSE on Monday told heads and teachers of private schools that it will include two Pisa type questions each in class X Mathematics, Science and English papers from the following year. The questions test students’ conceptual understanding, instead of what they have crammed for an exam.

Adapted Learning material will be brought to suit the needs of Indian students from countries such as Singapore and the US. As per an interview with Times of India, a National Daily, Education Secretary B.L. Sharma said, “These two countries have been the top scorers in Pisa over the years. We would like to see what they teach and how they teach and incorporate it in our teaching. We will study what makes them score the highest”.

Sharma said that three core committees have been formed by them and are working on subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Language to create content specific to Pisa and draft a question bank. Sharma further said, “They have even identified topics and subjects, not included in the syllabus which children are children are studying in classes 7 and 8. These have been identified by the committees.  They will now prepare the matter and we will then include it in the curriculum”.

As per CBSE officials, changes are being made in question papers which encourage creative thinking. “The board has decided to dedicate 20 marks for objective type questions 80 marks for subjective type. They said they will gradually make changes in the testing pattern. Two Pisa type questions in different subjects will be included in boards. They are stressing on discouraging rote learning and wish to encourage creative thinking,” as said by a principal who attended the programme at Delhi Public School.



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