Her Peak fertility days-The key to her super soon pregnancy


Understanding her fertility chart is must, before you both try to turn pregnant. You need to have firm idea regarding your partners’ monthly fertility chart to get super soon results. Often many of the couples are going through the frustrating spell, because of inability to conceive.

Why to know her peak fertility days:

You both need to know that her body has a certain body cycle, which revolves according to a monthly cycle. You need to know when her body is all set for pregnancy. Knowing her peak pregnancy days can elevate you chances to end her long awaited urge to get pregnant.


Her monthly reproductive cycle

Let us explain you in detail how it works. You know it well, that your partner ovulates each month. And, at the time of ovulation her ovaries release an egg into the Fallopian tube. The egg takes a stay in her Fallopian tube for next 24 hours. in the absence of sperm she gets her normal monthly menstrual cycle.


How the chances of her pregnancy elevates in peak duration

However in the presence of your sperm her egg gets fertilized in the form of a zygote and and gradually it attaches itself to her uterine wall. Then this fertilized zygote becomes an embryo and latter it evolves itself into foetus.

Understanding her peak fertility duration

Most of us think, there is only one day of the month to turn her pregnant. As the shelf life of her egg is only a day. However, we must understand that the sperms are strong enough to sustain in the uterus for 5 to 6 days. Which means the ideal time to have intercourse is before 6-7 days before the ovulation so to increase the chances of getting pregnant.



Method calculating the peak fertility duration

It is simple. Track her menstrual routine for around 5 months. Keep a check of number of  days in her monthly cycle. You may suggest her to download a period app, which may help her to calculate her monthly cycle. you may tell her about the fertility window app calculator.

Most common method to calculate her monthly cycle:

Help her with calculating her fertility window:

  1. Select her shortest menstrual cycle, for example 26
  2. Subtract it from 18, that is 26-18=8
  3. Post it, choose her longest cycle, for instance it is 30
  4. Subtract the number with 11, which is 30-11=19

Which says, her monthly peak fertility duration shall be between the 8th till 19th day of her monthly cycle. You both shall make maximum efforts to get pregnant in her peak fertility duration of the month to cut short your wait for your baby.

Alternative Method:

Observing her base body temperature:

Track her base body temperature, immediately, when she gets out of the bed. Generally, it hovers between 96 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. However, during those fertility peak days, the temperature of her body rises by four to eight-tenth of a degree. This is alternate indication that she has ovulated.


Method 3

Texture of her ovarian mucus

Tell her to keep a check of her ovarian mucus’s texture. This may give her a clear sign about her fertility. Tell her that post her menstruation her mucus is dry, just before her ovulation her mucus turns sticky and thick, and during her ovulation, her mucus is semi transparent, wet and sticky.

Can fertility chart make her pregnant sooner?

Yes!  Clear understanding of her peak fertility days and its chart can hike the chances of her pregnancy. You need to understand the complexes of her body, which is the best time to try for pregnancy and when her body is best prepared to conceive.

So, Let this month turn a lucky charm for her. A bit of care and your attention towards her emotions and body will get you both closer towards each other, on one hand and on the other it will extend your duo to a trio. Stay prepared to being a dad. We wish you luck.



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