How massaging works wonders for your baby

How massaging works wonders for your baby

Massaging your baby has numerous benefits. It strengthens the body, it keeps the skin soft, supple and prevents dryness. Know about how massaging works wonders for your baby

  • Helps in growth:

Massaging is effective in boosting growth in babies. Massaging helps improve blood circulation in the body.

  • Provides relaxation:

Massaging lessens stiffness and the stress felt by the body. A good massage relaxes the body.

  • Improved quality of rest:

Massaging improves the circadian rhythms of babies. It regulates the body clock.

  • Rules out gas problems:

After eating food or drinking milk a baby may feel uneasy and uncomfortable, because of gas build-up. Massaging the child rids the digestive system of gas.

  • Healthy bowel movement:

Regular massaging will help in timely motions and ensure that your child doesn’t get constipated.

  • Gives relief:

Massaging provides relief in a number of Psychiatric Disorders and may help to reduce pain. It promotes a sense of well-being.

  • Enhances development:

Massaging has an excellent effect on the child and promotes development in the various parts of the body.

  • Efficient neural functioning:

Massaging the baby promotes the efficient working of neurons which in turn aids stimulus-response reactions.

When massaging your baby, cross keep the following in mind:

Don’t use excess oil. Use sufficient oil, use as much as is absorbed by the skin to avoid rashes, irritation, temporary clogging of pores, etc.

In case you don’t know how to massage the head, do so either very gently or abstain from doing so completely. You may wait till the softness in the top center portion of the baby’s skull hardens.

Don’t massage for extended periods of time, try to complete the massage within the quarter of an hour.

Don’t use artificial oils or oils with chemicals for the massage.

Surely now you understand how massaging works wonders for your baby


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