7 amazing methods to reduce screen time for toddlers

reduce screen time for toddlers
reduce screen time for toddlers

how to reduce screen time for toddlers?

There are parents who are struggling with controlling screen time with their kids. Even smaller children are addicted to screens. How and why did we end up in this space.

Hectic work schedules, past paced lifestyle and personal relationship commitments and stress have led to a disarray of sorts in our lives. Resorting to an easy way out whenever it is feasible has become the norm.

Technology is a necessity. It need not be demonized but it is possible to avail its benefits and not becomes its slave.

When a child throws a tantrum, we put the gadget in their hands. When a child is demanding but not reasonable, we give in to it.

So who is really at fault? Is it the child who does not know better? How can you blame a 2-year-old child when he has been given these tools by his parent? Classic response of the parent is “oh but he throws a fit if I don’t give it” REALLY! So who is the parent here? If as parents, we are unable to execute the role effectively how can we blame the child?

For parents who are struggling with their kids currently, here is what I have found most effective:


I cannot stress enough that rules have to be laid by the parents. Reduce screen time for toddlers.        


If your child is screaming on top of his lungs or lays on the floor in a restaurant, as much as you may be tempted to give in to pacify him, or feel embarrassed about it, refrain from just giving in, trust me it shall become the norm. it is most important to Reduce screen time for toddlers.        


Not only are you making life easier for yourself but you are teaching them valuable life skills. An independent child grows up to be a responsible adult. They should not be dependent on anyone for everything. Do teach them to fetch their own glass of water, make their own beds starting young.

Once you set a fixed time for the child, he/she will understand if it is implemented daily. It is a struggle to establish this considering you will constantly hear “so and so gets a phone, or gets to watch tv more than I get”, but trust me ultimately it’s worth the struggle.


Time-out is just a concept that can help a child calm down and give them time to think about what they did. Giving them a few minutes will firstly immediately calm them down so they learn to deal with anger. Also once calm they will think about their behavior.


I feel nothing works better than communication. If you sit and talk and explain things to your child, you could be able to make them understand. Talk to them in a language they understand. This will help you reduce screen time for toddlers.        


If you give them consequences for bad behavior they will learn to respect their privileges. Cancelling TV for the day, or a treat will be a good step in discipline them.

This also teaches them the value of what they get but also they will be mindful as they would not want to lose those perks.

Parenting is hard-work. It can be a fulfilling in many ways. Out of the many reasons, raising a good responsible adult is the most fulfilling and satisfying. Hence, a little bit of effort and diligence can help us churn out a generation that can be happy, responsible and kind. What do you think about it? Leave your comments.



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