Is it safe to keep your baby in Air conditioner, few answers



At the onset of summers, there may be a number of questions in your mind such as how should I face the summers with my baby? Is it safe to keep my baby in the AC? Should I use an AC, cooler or a fan for my baby? Keeping your child in the AC in this sweltering heat is absolutely safe. You need to keep your baby from getting irritated because of humidity, heat rashes and sweating. But you must use ACs and coolers the right way. Wrong usage of an AC can make children colic from several respiratory diseases, such as rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, sore throat and asthma. You can keep the following guidelines in mind for keeping your child safe in summers:

Tips for using an AC for your baby:

  • Temperature of the room: Ensure that the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot for the baby. The cooling of your AC temperature will be affected by changes in the temperature outside. You will have to maintain the room temperature in accordance with the weather. A comfortable temperature for babies ranges from anywhere between 23⁰C-26⁰C.
  • Avoid keeping in direct air: Avoid keeping the baby directly in the cool air of the AC. If you must stay in the AC then make sure that your baby is wearing full sleeved clothes and pyjamas, the idea is to keep his skin covered and protected. You may also use a sheet or light blanket.
  • Time limit: You can set the timer of the AC so it automatically switches off after a fixed duration, to avoid excessive cooling.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of the AC, by having it serviced as and when required, is necessary to avoid build up of dust particles in the AC. The accumulated dust in the AC gets circulated in the rooms and is harmful for a baby.
  • Apply moisturizer: Staying in the AC dehydrates the skin, so it is necessary for the baby’s skin to be moisturized at regular intervals. Apply moisturizer especially before sleeping. You should keep a vessel of water in the room to maintain the moisture level in the room.
  • Adjust body to the temperature outside: Turn off the AC 30 minutes before you go out. You may open the doors and windows of your room so natural air can be circulated.
  • Use when necessary: Use the AC when you actually need it. Don’t make your baby used to staying only in an AC room.


Important guidelines for coolers

  • When your baby is going to be in the cooler for a while, it is advisable to open a door or a window for cross-ventilation, specifically during the monsoon season. The cooler cools by evaporating water thereby, increasing the level of humidity.
  • Don’t keep your baby directly in front of the cooler. You may wrap his head with a cotton cap and make him wear full sleeved clothes. Don’t cover the baby’s face.
  • Clean the water of the cooler every 1-2 days. The dirty water in the cooler can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects. Wash the cooler when required.
  • The body temperature should be regulated in the case of coolers as well. Do not take the baby out immediately from a cool to hot temperature.
  • Get to know the baby’s exact needs. Try to know things like what temperature of the cooler is he comfortable in, whether he prefers the cooler with water or only on the fan setting. Understand his level of comfort and discomfort in different temperatures of the cooler.
  • If your baby is above 6 months, let them to drink water several times a day. It is important to keep your baby cool. Give special care if your baby is newborn or premature. You should take additional advice from doctors on how to care for your baby in summers.



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