Guidelines for keeping your baby in air conditioners and coolers in summers

Guidelines for keeping your baby in air conditioners and coolers in summers

At the onset of summers, you may be wondering how to ensure maximum comfort to your baby while ensuring maximum safety for your little one; not yet used to braving the extreme weather. keeping your baby in coolers and air conditioners in summer is good or not it is a very important thing for parents.

It is safe to keep your young one in the AC, provided that you use it appropriately. You need to keep your baby from getting irritated and cranky because of prickly heat, humidity, and dehydration. The wrong usage of an AC can cause a number of respiratory diseases. Now we will discuss how to keep your baby coolers and air conditioners:

Tips for using an AC for your baby:

Keep the baby hydrated:

keeping your baby in coolers and air conditioners dehydrate the skin, so it is necessary for the baby to keep hydrated by drinking water or milk at regular intervals. The skin should be moisturized with a moisturizer suitable for babies as per the requirement, it should be applied especially before sleeping. In addition, you should keep a vessel of water in the room to maintain the moisture level in the room.

Regulate Temperature of the room:

Ensure that the temperature is just right for the baby. It should not be at either extreme ends. You will have to regulate the room temperature in accordance with the weather.

The body should be fully covered:

If you must stay in the AC then make sure that your baby is wearing full-sleeved clothes and pajamas, the idea is to keep his skin covered and protected. You may also use a bedsheet. Avoid keeping the baby in the direct air stream of the AC.

Set Time limit:

You can set the timer of the AC so it switches off on its own after a fixed duration, to avoid excessive cooling.


Maintenance of the AC, by having it serviced as and when required, is necessary. The accumulated dust in the AC gets circulated in the rooms and is not good for a baby’s respiration.

Get ready for the weather:

To get used to the weather outside the house, stop using the AC at least half an hour before you step out of the house.

Usage as per requirement:

Use the AC as per requirement. Try not to let your baby get used to staying only in an AC room.

Important guidelines for coolers

Never let your baby be directly in front of the cooler. You should keep his/her body covered and cover the head with a soft cotton scarf or cap. For the body use full-sleeved clothes and pants.

Change the water of the cooler every day or alternate days. If the water is allowed to stagnate, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects.

The cooler makes the air more humid as compared to an AC. When your baby is going to be in the cooler for a while, it is advisable to open a door or a window for cross-ventilation, specifically during monsoon.

The body temperature should be regulated in the case of coolers as well. Do not take the baby out immediately from a cool to hot temperature.

Get to know the baby’s specific requirements regarding the temperature of the cooler which suits him/her and what is his/her preference for the settings of the cooler. Find out when she/he’s at ease or irritable in various temperatures of the cooler.

On completing 6 months, your little one should be given plenty of water to drink. It is important to keep your child well hydrated to maintain body temperature.


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