Everything you must know about the new law for Single Fathers in India


It has been since the evolution of this worldly system, that mother is said to the synonym of nurturing. Indeed, a mother is the best version of care and shelter for the infant who is new, vulnerable and weak for the world. A mother in a wrap of complete world, blanketed in one being for the baby, this is because the innocent cannot imagine anything beyond the mother.
Mother! Here we ask you all a question, is it compulsion that only women can wear the crown of motherhood? Is this feeling bound to limits of gender? Or it is a that protective passion, that any gender can feel, while they beholds the young being and pledges to protect the bud, you all may have your own unique versions of this pledge, but it gets vocalized by a common spirit of the same motherhood for your newly born gene. Imagine yourself when you might have called your baby saying, “Honey, I love you and shall be around, and will up bring you to the best of my capacity, I am scared, to hold you in my arms as you are so tiny, still, I will be brave to protect you. I never learnt cooking for myself, but will make sure, every time I cook for you will be the best feast for you this meal. Buddy, you would not believe, you were a mother talking to your little one then.
Society, since evolution kept one eyed perspective for parenthood, as mothers are to nurture the infant, and fathers are to earn. Why cannot a father be a complete caretaker of a child, if their mom can? Being dad, is an initiative calling change, it says fathers too, can be equally
good mothers, if it is about bringing up our infants. We wish to break, that traditional
stereotype that limits the spirit of motherhood, today we urge, and sonly we will claim to be equally capable mothers for our children. It is our gift to the feeling of father’s motherhood.
Often, Fathers handle their young children alone, society never acknowledged that hidden
pang. We cannot even think of difficulties he faces while nurturing his infant alone, how he
feeds his little one without his own bank of lactose. How does he bathes the tiny sometimes
ignorant and scared he does not hurt the bud that is as delicate as petal. It must be a tough
time for him to cook for while baby cries, without having cookery skills and training. Yet,
handling the office, with the pressure to reach on time, working diligently with a fake smile on his face, as he is worried for his little one’s safety, whose waiting for papa at home. UFF. Today, 28 th December 2018, marks a special day for the single fathers, who are central government employees. We are happy; the government acknowledges the pain of those single fathers, whose pain was unattended until today. It is announced, vide provision, that Single Fathers, Males the gift of entitlement of 730 leaves Child care leaves (CCL), to take care of his child in his entire working tenure.

Few of the flash points of this provision to be noted by the single, or male Central Govt.
1. The amended rule, although has provided for a salary cut for latter half of 730 day, that
is they, such a rule shall entitle the beneficiary to 100% salary for the first 365 days, and 80% of the salary for the remaining 365 days.

2. The order of the department of personnel and training notified that,” the Child care
leave to the employees may be granted by the competent authority a 730 day leave for taking care of 2 eldest surviving children weather for rearing the children or taking care of their need as in sickness, for their education, or any like. Under Section 43(C) , Central Civil Services Rules, 1972.

3. This decision of extend these CCL benefits to male single fathers, is line with the
recommendations made by the Seventh Pay Commission, as according to their report
where they observed, that in the event of male employee, whose single father, his
responsibility towards the children , increases to manifolds.

We are grateful for this lovely tribute given to single fathers, through a never before provision in India. We say it is a beginning towards an equal perspective. That will lead to an undivided feeling of nurturing. Where motherhood will be defined with all the love, shelter and warmth a parent will give to his child will bringing them up, and not gender. With a happy heart looking forward to more acceptance. Happy motherhood to all the fathers. Cheers!


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