How to potty train your toddler?


Getting your child potty trained is quite important before he starts going to school .It demands your time and perseverance. Each child takes his own time to get fully trained. Most children may take up to 3 years. These are some of the ways to ensure your toddler gets toilet trained:

  1. Modeling behavior

Your toddler observes how the toilet is used by you. He would learn by modeling the way he sees others using it. The potty must be the right size for your child so that he can balance himself on it and can gain confidence on the toilet.


  1. Help him feel at home
    Some infants have an attachment to their commodes and consider it as their personal property. You can buy a plastic potty with toys attached to it. This would keep your little one happy and entertained during potty time.
  2. Get rid of diapers during the day

Try to use more of cotton pants, shorts and underpants which let him know when he has peed but be ready to clean up after him. You may have to change him regularly.


  1. Rewards
    Reward your little one when he does it right. Some children feel conscious if you keep an eye on them when they are passing motions. Don’t scold him or punish if he makes a mistake. Reward him with a candy or toy to reinforce desired behavior.


  1. Perseverance
    Encourage your child to keep trying till you see the desired results. Don’t set high expectations for your child as it would only lead to discouragement.


  1. Make it exciting

You can buy a commode for your child which has a number of toys attached to it, so that your child enjoys sitting on the toilet seat. You can entertain him further by showing him a hand puppet show or read him some books.

  1. Train for the night
    Train your child both during the day as well as for the night. Keep the diaper away if you want to train him faster for nights. 
  1. Stop using diapers
    Help your child to not to be dependent on diapers .Get him used to cotton pants and underpants instead. This would get him trained faster.



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