Summer care tips for new born babies



How will you take the best care for your new born in his first summer? Does this question bother you? Are you thinking about how to protect your baby from the weather? This article is specially to help you to take care of your baby this summer.

Type of clothes to make your baby wear in summers:

  • Always use pure cottons, in which they’ll feel comfortable. Cotton clothes are skin friendly and protect from sweating.
  • While purchasing clothes, choose light colors, like light blue, pink,yellow, green, white, etc. as dark colors attract heat and the rays of the sun.
  • Buy loose fitting clothes.
  • When in an AC room or car, ensure your baby is wearing full sleeved clothes to protect your baby from cold, cough and pneumonia.
  • Due to frequent climate changes one may be unsure of the right clothes for the baby, in such a case you may make the baby wear layers of cotton clothes, so you can remove them easily whenever necessary.
  • When going out in the heat, carry a cap to protect your baby from direct rays of the sun on the head. Use cotton caps for new born babies.
  • Avoid making your baby wear socks in summers.It’s better to use sandals instead of shoes.
  • Diapers are harmful and have negative side effects if not changed appropriately. When at home use cotton nappies or pyjamas. Wash them when dirty.


How to hydrate your baby

  • If your baby is below 6 months, then frequent breast feeding is advisable. Give him milk or formula milk after every 2 hours. Don’t give gap in feed timings to keep the baby hydrated.
  • If the baby is above 6 months, give him water frequently. You can also give your toddler substitutes of water like watermelon or other fruits and beverages.
  • Babies pass urine at several times and so, it is important to keep your baby hydrated by giving him water regularly.


How to take care of the baby’s skin

  • You can use coconut oil to massage the body as it gives a cooling effect and has no side effects.
  • If you do massage the baby, then ensure giving him a bath.
  • Bathe your baby at least twice a day in summers.
  • Never bathe the baby with cold water, use lukewarm water in summers.
  • Use sunscreen as and when you take the baby outside. Make it a habit to buy products especially made for babies, as normal products may have harmful chemicals in them.
  • Apply diaper rash cream or coconut oil before making your baby wear a diaper to prevent rashes.
  • Use mosquito repellents and mosquito nets while sleeping.
  • Avoid going out at noon.



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