The legend of Indians travelling abroad


Yeah we are the butt of a zillion jokes. From the time we catch a flight, to our ostentatious behavior we have never failed to put on quite a display. Ok so its subjective I know but let’s be honest, how many times have each one of us have witnessed or maybe found
ourselves in a similar situation?
After the infamous Bali incident, I hesitate to even take a shampoo from the hotel, It was deplorable is an understatement but have we really learnt?

The UN World Tourism has claimed that in 2019 50 MN Indians will travel overseas as compared to 23 MN in2017!

So don’t be surprised when you find an Indian on Kilimanjaro or skiing down the Swiss alps, or in some remote part of the Amazon or a village in the middle of Vietnam. Naah you won’t find us there, but in bustling towns and insta worthy cafes, Michelin star restaurants or a guest-list only club.Needless to say, you will find us everywhere. And you won’t have to look too hard, we shall be jumping queues, trying to get a bargain or worst case be picking up food from the breakfast buffet at a fancy hotel while you wince in internal pain to know you come from the same motherland.

Maybe I shall be accused of being ambiguous, but in all seriousness of life, it’s good to be able to laugh at ourselves!


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