The Less acknowledged parent: “The Dad”(editorial report)


It is a common myth about dads, a famous taint on fathers, that they take up their role out of reluctance. However, the morning today turned beautiful, while reading today’s edition of Times of India. It was a rendezvous with a beautiful concept of dad’s unique role in child’s life. Big thanks to Aeon, online magazine that has presented the wonderful fragment by the book written by Anna machin, “The life of a dad, making of a modern dad”.

Big thanks to Anna Machin:


We give a big salute to her interpretation of dad’s role, which is as crucial as a mother and a father’s contribution into his child’s personality. Being dad, proactively took the responsibility to spread this amazing idea on our platform. We believe we are playing a role of torchbearer to change society’s perspective towards fathers and their importance for their children beyond moms. So, this blog shall present few highlights of this article by Aeon, on father’s role. We promise you it’s a must read.


Machin’s strong denial to the “Investing Fathers” theory:

Aeon, the online magazine claims to say that, only 5% of the males in the mammals species, are investing fathers. By the term investing fathers, they mean to say the male mating partners who play an active role with mothers in child rearing. Machin, denies this research in concern to the human fathers by raising a question that, if men are not investing fathers, then why do they participate to change their baby’s nappy?


How a father’s role is crucial for child’s development-Machin says:

On the contrary, Machin opines that, men have an inevitable and unique role to play in a child’s development with the mother. According to her, the men have an immensely important role to play into child rearing as equal as mother.  She says that human children take much more time to mature in comparison to the other species.

Other animals have only infancy, youth and old age, but the humans have two additional stages into their development, namely juvenile stage and adolescence. These additional stages are equally crucial into a child’s development. This is why; the human mothers have to take the support of the male counter parts into child rearing.


Why men invest themselves in child rearing?

Machin says that women ask for men’s support into child rearing because of the prolonged span child takes to mature, as well with the changing trends and roles, the women are playing multitasking roles in every sphere of work and home. Although the men have different reason to take care for their children, after all children are the genetic carriers of their clans. And there will be no use to father lot of babies, of none of them survives.


Instinctual changes men go through after becoming a father


The challenging research to counter Machin’s claim questions that if fathers were too investing halves, nature would have made them capable of reproducing children too. Machin answers that after having a baby, as women undergoes hormonal changes, surprisingly even the man undergoes of lot of hormonal changes and brain changes too post having a child.

Research suggests that after becoming a father has:

  • An irreversible reduction in the testosterone levels, which leads to reduction in their aggression and halt their search for new partners.
  • Reduction in oxytocins, turn them to become more sensitive and responsive in life.
  • Other hormones, make men enjoy the interactions with their young ones and turn them capable to detect threats for their babies around them.
  • Fathers becoming better on empathy, problem solving and planning


Father’s complimentary role in child rearing

Machin says, the Mother Nature hates duplication and redundancy that is if mothers are there to care and give away affect to the child. Then a father’s role is to give away life skills and impart values to the baby.

She quotes an experiment where the parents were shown their baby’s videos and their areas of activity in concern to the activities of the children. The mothers were found to more active in the areas of showing affection and risk detection. Whereas fathers were seen to more interested to the spheres of the child’s problem solving, planning and social cognition.


Father’s unique style of interaction with their children and its importance:

Fathers love to handle their babies in a rough and tough style. They cuddle the baby with utmost protections and strength at the same time they involve enough adventure, action and physical play while interacting with their baby.

Research involved in Machin’s book says that the kids love to rough and tumble activities. Babies and toddlers love adventure, they love to be thrown in the air, tickled around, running and chasing, hide and seeks, horse plays etc. This all makes it really for the fathers to create a strong bond with their children. You may know more about the fun activities dads love to do with kids, published in our recent article, Fun activities for dad and son.


Fathers too get immense satisfaction while spending time with their young ones, research suggest an increase in the oxytocin levels in male’s body after they spend time while playing with their baby.


Children on the other hand, love to have a rough play with fathers, than getting cuddles by the moms. That is why the fathers turn out of to be the child’s favorite, than the moms when they grow up.


Children who develop strong bond with fathers turn to more self-reliant:

Machin extends to say that research has found that the children who have strong bonds with their fathers turn into self reliant and exploring adults. As they find themselves more protected and assured, that when in times of need they can return to someone they feel protected with who is their father. They are empowered to experiment and explore fearlessly, which leads them to become excellent decision maker, problem solver and a confident individual when they grow up.


Secondly, such children, grow an extrovert focus, which makes them meet more and more people, build strong relationships and become successful in world.

We hope we will love this article, this all shall motivate you to come up and hold your child and never take a back seat while bringing up your child. It’s a news, you have an immensely important role to play for your child, not let them miss you. If your baby’s mom makes cuddle them you turn them playful, moms turns them affectionate, you make them enterprising. Stay there, being dad. We wish you luck.


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