What men need to know about women?


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

This has, in all probability, been the most pondered over, debated topic since forever!

Sure we seem to be from the opposite part of the world or should I say universe, but surely there must be a way to build a bridge and meet halfway through?

So what do men think about the women psyche?

  • That they are not easy to please
  • Their favorite job is to consistently nag
  • They don’t mean what they say
  • They beat around the bush
  • They tend to have “selective” memory
  • Over-emotional
  • They like to “talk” things over even though sometimes it’s best to let go
  • Keep telling you what to do and don’t
  • And the worst one, they like to “mom” you.

Sure, there maybe some of us who tell you what to eat and how much to eat, who count each and every beer you drink (and then tell you to stop) who expect you to figure out on your own what’s wrong (and this is scary) with us!

But there will also be some of us, who genuinely give you space (coz we value our own) , some that will encourage you to have boys night out ( coz we enjoy meeting with our girl squad too), many, who will encourage you to go on holidays with old finds or insist on going for school/college reunion ( coz we LOVE ours too), will express our likes or dislikes, will call a spade a spade and who will want you to be equal( coz that’s how we want to be treated), will respect your decisions ( as much as you respect ours)

The dilemma lies in how do you figure out what women really want!

To give some perspective to it, let’s just stress on a couple of things you could do to try and figure it out:


Can’t lay enough stress on it, it is the key to any relationship. We go about our entire lives struggling in our minds and ruining our own mental health due to lack of communication. It’s not a one-way street, you can keep trying to talk to someone and find a middle ground but it has to be BOTH ways. And let’s face it, women love to talk, we want to know what you think and feel, so please communicate. Silent treatment is the WRONG approach.

Don’t be dismissive:

men, please understand when it comes to relationship, women have inherently acquired precedence over “knowing” everything. From the first time you kissed, to what you were wearing, to when you let them down (with the date, year, month, hour)

Their memory never fails, even if otherwise they seem to be forgetful, so best is you accept it and never try and argue! So if they say “it” happened on so and so day, do not be dismissive, accept it and do whatever is required at the moment. It’s for your own peace!

Indulge them:

They love being spoilt. Does not mean you have to spend a fortune but even small gestures are appreciated.


Goes a long way to sustain a healthy relationship which inadvertently can instill similar values in your children as well.

Share the load:

Literally! Share not only the household chores but also the responsibility of the kids. Take some burden off her shoulder, not only will it help her but bring the kids closer to you and create a lifelong irreplaceable bond. Read to them, help out with the homework, tuck them to bed.


Express Emotions:

As much as it may sometimes be difficult to be able to express your thoughts, but try and tell her how much you love her. Sometimes words can do what actions can’t.

I remember reading somewhere “The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother”

This maybe the best advice you can get.


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